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John Gordon Electrical is an old air conditioner specialist

Old Air Conditioner Expert

Save money and call John to have a look at your old air conditioner. An old A/C requires an old tradie - and John's the man to get it done.

Don't suffer an inefficient ancient A/C any longer - it could be adding to your power bill! Call John today.

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Dubbo's Air Conditioning Specialist

Give your Air Conditioner and your comfort the benefit of John Gordonís 40 years experience as a licenced Electrician and over 35 years experience as a qualified Air Conditioning mechanic. This vast experience gives you the best skill & know how available.

When you do business with John Gordon, you get the man himself. No apprentice. No Trainee. No Side Kick.

John Gordon has been in business repairing Air Conditioners in Dubbo for more than 35 years. He knows the economics of the Air Conditioning industry. What is good and what is useless. What is valuable and what is not.

Call John on 02 6882 3184 today!

John Gordon is fully authorised by the Australian Refrigiration Council - look for the ARC tick!
John Gordon is fully authorised by the Australian Refrigiration Council
Refrigirant Trading Authorisation: L010595
Refrigirant Handling Licence: AU09453

"People use me for their air conditioner repairs because of my skills, experience and my personal application to their air conditioner. I enjoy the process whereby electrical energy is converted into heating and cooling by the process of refrigeration. What a fantastic invention. And so I endeavour to make your air conditioner work even better; or at least as well as it did when it was brand new. Call me today on 02 6882 3184 and see why I've been Dubbo's trusted professional for 40 years!"

John Gordon
John Gordon - will travel to your air conditioner anywhere in Dubbo
John's Air Conditioning Tips
Follow these simple tips from John Gordon electrical to keep your air conditioner at the peak of its cooling and heating capacity.
There is no substitute for capacity. Choose an air conditioning system with the power to make your home comfortable.

Every reverse cycle / heat pump / refrigerated Air Conditioner has a "Return Air Filter". Keep your filter clean. Dirty filters are unhealthy, cause inefficient operation, increase energy usage and lead to expensive failures.

Correct positioning of outdoor units is important. Make sure it's at least 2 metres from shrubs, bushes and fences.

Always use a licensed & qualified installer. An experienced electrician can actually save you money on operating costs!